This wiki was developed for the course "Electronic Literacy in Foreign Language Teaching"in WS2009/10 by Andreas Marschollek at the TU Dresden. It will stay online for reference.

Thank you for this interesting Wiki Session!

Check out this well-designed page Use a Wiki in a Classroom even including a video (scroll to bottom of page).


I thought the session went quite well, although there are some chances for improvement (please add your own)
  • keep the task visible at all times
  • tutorial not in sandbox but in own wiki (no parallel edits)
  • forgot to mention that the help-function (top right) is quite useful
  • common problems: problems with openID login (leave out next time), some students edited the main page instead of creating their own, some created their own wiki and worked there...
  • what a pity that some students just copied my slides, i was hoping for a little more thought. but yes, the main purpose (familiarizing with a wiki) has nevertheless been accomplished

Our Task

Let's develop a wiki on "Wikis in the classroom" together!
  1. Please sign up. Choose an option:
    • You have a google, yahoo, flickr, aol, or other openID account? Go here and click on "sign in using my openID"
    • For a fresh account go to wikispaces
  2. In pairs, choose one of the topics provided. Research on the net or use my presentation (Wiki-classroom.odp Wiki-classroom.pdf) as a starting point.
  3. Create your page by clicking "new page" in the menu on the left and start editing!
    • use given questions as a guide, add you own thoughts
    • structure your page (headings, enumerations etc.)
    • include links to external pages (sources, further reading), internal links, pictures, videos...
    • 20 min.


  • no need to join the wiki
  • don't use discussion pages, discuss in class.
  • small edits (save regularly) --> see "parallel edits" below

Parallel edits

When I am editing an article and Tom starts to edit the same article, I am notified through a pop-up. I can save my page, but it will not include the changes Tom has made. Ideally, I would copy my new content, cancel editing and edit the latest version saved by Tom.
explanation at wikipedia
wikispaces has this to say

Need Help?

  • Click on the help link above to learn more about how to use our wiki.
  • or ask me - AlexanderMueller AlexanderMueller Dec 1, 2009